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Be A Turtle

Two days ago, I wrote an answer to a question about Keeping Your Cool.

I have a suggestion for teaching you and your children how to keep their cool.

When we have temper, that is when rude things come out of our mouths. rude words are hurtful and do not achieve positive results.

So I teach my kids to be a turtle.

I say, "When we are mad or frustrated, that's when rude things come out of our mouths. So, if you are feeling angry or frustrated, BE A TURTLE. Cover your mouth with your hands like you are going inside your turtle shell. That way nothing rude can get out. Then take three deep breaths", and I practice with them. "Breathe until you don't feel so angry anymore.Then come out of your shell (hands down) and you can use polite words to talk to the person you were frustrated with."

This is a great visual, and if we do it in front of the kids when we get tempermental, they see our role modeling and are quick to catch on.

It Works!

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