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"What makes Leslie extraordinary is that she gives each child a wonderful lens through which to view the world. It is a lens that allows them to learn in every situation and see personal responsibility at all times.”     - conference attendee



“I am thrilled to report that your words and ideas are buzzing throughout my center! You were very inspiring to our teachers.”     - daycare director



"Her positive impact affects the children’s behavioral and emotional development as well as their academic learning. She builds confident, thoughtful children.”       - preschool dad


"Parents  turn to her for guidance long after their children have graduated. She has a wonderful way of looking at situations with clarity and common sense and is able to present ideas to parents in a positive light."      -  preschool  board member


“Leslie talked with us about the importance of self-esteem. I could tell that the subject is very near and dear to her and that she considers belief in self to be one of the most important things we can teach our children.”       - conference attendee


“She helped me make some fabulous changes in my choice of words and I can see the positive impact on my kids!”      - daycare provider


"Leslie’s presentation has a clear and positive message that the words we use with children are of primary importance in the positive development of their self-esteem. Leslie’s vast knowledge and experience shines through and her speaking style is engaging and clear. Her ability to creatively address questions is exciting and helpful to her audience. She engages her audience and makes sure they grasp her techniques. During her presentation to early childhood educators, I have heard first hand, attendee’s comments and praise for Leslie’s message and methods. It is my feeling that everyone who listens to her presentation walks away with renewed enthusiasm and new ideas."

      -  conference attendee


“Her sincerity in wanting to help families in and out of school is genuine and real. Leslie is that teacher you never forget. The one that treats you with the love and respect everyone deserves.”

     - preschool mom

Early Childhood Eductor of the Year Award - presented by the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association in Madison, WI   2010        

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