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My goal in life has always been to find ways to help parents raise children who believe in themselves, and to help children find their shining light.


To reach for this goal I have,

- taught at a preschool for 30 years

- taught parenting skills

- lectured at conferences on early childhood education

- raised children of my own

- worked with horses and their riders to improve their communication

- spoken at conferences on early childhood education

- authored a parenting book on using positive communication  to build self-esteem

-helped guide teens through tough times with equine assisted coaching


My goal has never waivered. All of these experieces have allowed me to solidify my ideas and techniques and validate my belief that my purpose is to help people raise children who have respect for themselves and for each other.

Now  I am delighted to have the technology to reach more parents and hope to make a positive impact  in the lives of more families."


When I am not working with children and their families, you'll find me in the barn with my horses.

I credit my horses for teaching me to be a good teacher.  They taught me patience, consistency and calm. They showed me that I must teach with clarity for how else can the rules be understood. They taught me unconditional love and earned respect. I am who I am because of my horses.

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