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 At the age of 16, I met my first horse, Midnight Sun - an angel who taught me more than any human could and who showed me that I could change my life. Since then, I have wanted to share horses and their gifts with people in whatever way I could because I know, without a doubt, that horses help us be the best 'us' we can be. Over the years, I have worked in various capacities with children, horses, parents and riders. The essence of each of my jobs was to help  2 legged and 4 legged beings honor who they are and learn to respect themselves and others.

 I am excited to bring all of that experience

together in Spirit of the Horse & Heart.

As an Equine Guided Coach, my job/joy is to

facilitate your journey with aid from the horses.

This journey may include finding inspiration,

healing, connection, discovery and/or growth.

Whatever path you choose,

we are delighted to be of service.

On a 10 acre farm in the incredible

beauty of Door County WI, I now live

with my husband, five horses, a dog,

a cat, some fish and a flock of

chickens, and I look forward to

sharing this space with you.

Spirit of the Horse & Heart

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