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       Teacher, Author, Parenting Coach


"Young children are developing an image of who they are. They develop that image from the information they receive from the adults in their lives. Be mindful of the information you give to them. Choose carefully the words with which you speak to them."

                                                                           Leslie Leline

Raising Children To Respect  Themselves and Each Other

Leslie has spent the past  30 years teaching three and four year olds. This puts her in the unique position of observing patterns of children's behavior over and over again. From those observations, Leslie has formulated some techniques for successfully turning difficult moments into golden windows of opportunity for building trust and teaching self discipline. She shares these techniques with you in hopes of adding to the harmony in your household.

In 2010, Leslie had the honor of receiving the 'Early Childhood Educator of the Year' award from  the Wisconsin Early Chidhood Association. 
In 2008, she published a book on parenting called,
The Parent Handbook. A quick reference guide to positive communication during difficult moments.
Now, Leslie offers you a series of you tube videos. Each video addresses a single topic of childrens' behavior and suggests a form of positive discipline that builds confidence and problem solving in your children.
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